BigSlider Utility Mover

Conversion rates went from 1.2% to 4.8% over 90 day YoY period.

Jeri Masterson over at worked with us to help improve the conversion rates on her Shopify store. Through analysis of her current traffic behavior we were able to identify on-site challenges which either prevented or discouraged visitors to her site from checking out. 

Project Detail

About BigSlider, founded by Jeri and Tip Masterson, sells a unique device which allows anyone to move heavy objects with the greatest of ease. Customers have shared videos with BigSlider demonstrating its ease of use by effortlessly moving objects like jacuzzi’s, gun safes, or a heavy roofing material. 

The Challenge
Despite astounding real customer testimonials and features on DIY Network and Popular Mechanics, BigSlider was struggling to convert visitors to the site and had an incredibly long visit-to-purchase lifecycle. Prior to joining eCommerceGuy, BigSlider was converting visitors at a conversion rate of 1.4%.
Initial Service ProvidedConversion Rate Optimization
Current Services ProvidedEmail Marketing, Paid Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Amazon Advertising

The Goal: Improving eCommerce Conversion Rates

Our first actionable task was diagnosing why visitors to the site weren’t feeling comfortable enough to click ‘Add to Cart’ and follow through the checkout process. The challenge was unique in that Jeri had to not only make people feel comfortable trusting the store, but also convincing visitors that her product was far superior to other homemade solutions.

We spent some time combing through years of data in her Google Analytics as well as placed a proprietary real-time visitor monitoring program which allowed us to view recordings of actual visitor shopping sessions. 

It was determined that less than 22% of visitors to her site were scrolling past her hero section to consume additional content, 78% of visitors were bouncing, and less than 2% of traffic were starting the checkout process (which begins at ‘Add to Cart’). 

Jeri and our team spent time crafting her USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which evolved into, ‘Move heavy stuff, easily’.  We included that in the hero section (above-the-fold content) and strategically added content which walked a visitor through the benefits of owning a BigSlider product. 

Another pain point we addressed was the lack of any social proof behind the product and the company, in general. This deficit was remedied by prominently including media outlets which had featured the benefits of BigSlider products and its ease-of-use.

The product page and cart structure and content were the next to be addressed. On the product pages we removed all extraneous content, links, and buttons. We restructured the layout to prominently display: a two line benefit-based description of the product, a clear and unmistakable add to cart button, and proactively addresses buyer pre-purchase questions in the form of checkmark bullet points (free shipping benefits, money-back guarantee, easy returns, and secure ordering). 

The Cart page was enhanced with the inclusion of additional payment methods and proactively addressing purchase-related hesitations (PCI compliance, SSL encryption, and the payment processor information).


BigSlider CRO Results

Immediately following the deployment of the new home page, product page, and cart page layouts BigSlider noticed conversion rates jump from ~1.2% to over 4%.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI