Dwarven Forge

Effective Facebook and Instagram Ad management grew Dwarven Forge's revenue by 172%.

The infinitely talented team at Dwarven Forge brought eCommerceGuy on to help manage a struggling Facebook Ad account. Through a series of fundamental changes, the implementation of advanced growth strategies, and endless tests (on audiences, creatives, bid types, conversion objectives, etc.), Dwarven Forge experienced a 172% increase in online revenue, a 150% increase in orders, and a 20% increase in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Project Detail

About Dwarven Forge
Dwarven Forge, founded by Stefan Pokorny, creates three-dimensional polymer tiles for use with table-top role-playing games. The company is constantly pushing the limits of what table-top role-playing game setups can look like and do.

The Challenge
The Dwarven Forge team is comprised of some of the most talented artists, thinkers, and dreamers. How else would they come out with the wondrous pieces and sets they design? The one thing they were lacking was a strong digital marketer. Because of this, the Facebook Ad account was underperforming compared to its potential and they knew it.

Initial Service ProvidedPaid Social Media Advertising
Current Services ProvidedPaid Social Media Advertising

The Goal: Higher Revenues & Lower Acquisition Costs

Our first action item was to understand Dwarven Forge’s market – which interests were most appropriate for the campaign objective, how did they interact with the website/product pages, which ad creatives performed best for which audience, where was the best placement for that creative and for that audience, and on, and on…

The next step was to ensure the campaigns were created using an easy-t0-follow structure (so anyone popping in to the account would understand – to some degree – what was going on). This began with an ARRR model approach – Acquisition, Retargeting, Retention, Reactivation.

Once we finished building out the audiences across the different funnel placements we began a series of flash micro-testing combinations of interests, audiences, ages, genders, locations, creatives, copy, and ad placement so we can build valuable buyer personas.

With a great understanding of the ‘ideal’ customer, we began a methodical scaling and ramping up of ad spend. This was done using a combination of machine learning scripts and advanced scaling tactics like the Sneak Attack and Bully Methods.

One of the most impactful aspects to our takeover of the Dwarven Force Facebook Ad account was our cost-saving strategies. We deployed scripts which ran 24/7 and looked for overspending which was particularly helpful during evening, weekend, and Holiday hours. We estimate this helped reduce acquisition costs by approximately 27%. 

Dwarven Forge's Results

Immediately following the deployment of the carefully crafted Facebook Ads campaign, Dwarven Forge began to see an incredible lift quality, high purchase-intent traffic to the store and a more meaningful engagement with both abanonded shoppers and previous purchasers. 

150% increase in orders

32% CPA Reduction

172% increase in online revenue