Good Dee's

Text and Shopping ads on Adwords and Bing tripled Good Dee's online revenue.

Deana Karim over at (low carb baking mixes) hired eCommerceGuy to help improve GoodDee’s Adwords and Bing accounts – both text and shopping campaigns. Through a series of fundamental and advanced PPC campaign build-outs, Good Dee’s was experiencing a 300% increase in online sales from Paid Search Engine Marketing.  

Project Detail

About GoodDee’s
GoodDee’, founded by Deana Karim, sells low carb baking mixes made with good-for-you ingredients like almond flour without stomach-upsetting artificial sweeteners like Maltitol. Her story of how and why she started making her low carb baking mixes is beyond inspiring, as is the success she’s experienced thus far.

The Challenge
As with any solo entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is doing everything yourself and not having the time, nor the expertise, to handle certain aspects of the business. This was true with Deana when it came to creating, managing, and analyzing PPC campaigns. She knew she needed to start advertising on Google and Bing but didn’t have the time or the technical know-how to set things up properly to ensure maximum ROI and prevent runaway spending.
Initial Service ProvidedPaid Search Engine Advertising
Current Services ProvidedPaid Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Amazon Advertising, and Email Marketing

The Goal: Profitable Text & Shopping Campaigns

Our first actionable task was to understand Deana’s market – how did potential customers search out products like the ones Good Dee’s was selling, how did they interact with the brands, what were top-line and in-line competitors doing which made them successful, etc. 

The next step was to ensure her campaigns were meticulously crafted. This began with her product feed. We analyzed, line by line, the quality of her product data feed being sent to shopping campaigns. We knew the visual nature of a Shopping campaign would allow for a greater possible return so we were a little more aggressive out of the gate with this campaign; and it paid off. Later on in our working relationship with Good Dee’s we pushed the envelop further by A/B testing data feed variables to test how to maximize sales for each and every single product. 

The text ads portion of her Paid Search Engine Advertising campaign was built out in not as of an aggressive campaign buildout. Deana was very budget conscious at first, so our approach was more conservative than Shopping. A slow release of campaigns coupled with very strict controls on spend variables such as CPC, device modifiers, negative keywords, etc., allowed us to closely monitor spend and quickly react to any over and underperforming ads as well as scale campaign and ad groups which were performing exceedingly well.

Once we were able to determine that a particular ad group and campaign were producing results at an acceptable CPA we would then loosen the restrictions and analyze the data shortly after. 

This was done for every campaign across every advertising medium and worked beautifully for Deana. We were able to rapidly generate sales at a very sustainable and controlled cost per acquisition.

We recently began testing more advanced Shopping campaign strategies such as bid modifiers to segment visitors based on on-site behavior metrics.

Good Dee's PPC Results

Immediately following the deployment of the carefully crafted paid text and shopping campaigns, Good Dee’s began to see an incredible lift quality, high purchase-intent traffic to the store. There was a direct, positive correlation between the traffic coming to the store and the sales Good Dee’s was making from that paid traffic. 

8.23% Conversion Rate

78% CPA Reduction

692% ROI (1st quarter after launch)