Monthly email revenue went from $0 to $14,563

Solyman Najimi over at TubShroom.com worked with us to help improve the overall performance on TubShroom’s Shopify store. One of the most impactful strategies implemented was a stunning and data-driven internal e-mail marketing campaign to re-engage existing clients who were never sold to after their initial purchase.

Project Detail

About TubShroom
TubShroom is a revolutionary invention in the drain-clogging prevention realm. Their product lines cover all of the different types of drains found in your home – sinks, tubs, and showers. The premise of TubShroom is to prevent hair from clogging your drains by catching them, out of sight. Made from durable and non-toxic materials, TubShroom products not only last a long time but also negate having to use harsh chemicals and prevent costly emergency plumbing calls. 

The Challenge
Despite having massive success in brick-and-mortal retail, TubShroom did not have a solid internal marketing campaign where they were selling to existing clients. Their email list was collecting dust until they started working with eCommerceGuy. We helped TubShroom convert their dormant email list into a powerful revenue generator.

Initial Service ProvidedEmail Marketing
Current Services ProvidedEmail Marketing, Paid Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising

The Goal: Reviving a dormant customer email list into a revenue-generating machine.

The first task was understanding what made people open, read, and click when it came to home improvement type emails. We spent time analyzing what top-level players in the hardware and home improvement space were doing in terms of emails. Once we knew what made consumers tick (or in this case, click) we started executing design. 

Our team of graphic designers worked tirelessly to come up with six different email variations for the first email campaign to be sent to this list. Since it was the first time this list was being sent to, and naturally there was no previous data to analyze, it was incredibly important to ensure everything was perfect. We tested subject lines, pre-header text, content, layout, colors, CTAs, content flow, and landing pages.

Despite the fact that the first email was a massive success, our primary goal of the first campaign was to cull through the data to find patterns of what worked and what didn’t work – and we did just that.

The second campaign sent out doubled our open rate and revenue (measured over a period of 48 hours after the initial send). We knew we were on to something. So we repeated the process of analyzing consumer behavior and data and made further changes. 

The third campaign sent out was unique in that we decided to use advanced customer segmentation for a more personalized approach as opposed to a one-size-fits-all email campaign. We were blown away at the response. Compared to the initial campaign we sent out we saw an open rate increase of 620%, average order value increased 49%, and revenue generated jumped over 400%. 

Our approach to email is simple:
Stunning design, advanced customer segmentation, and data-driven A/B testing. The results we were able to achieve for TubShroom isn’t unique to what TubShroom sells (although their product is actually fantastic), but is due to our unique and hands-on approach.

TubShroom Email Marketing Results

Through stunning email design, best-practice & responsive coding, relentless A/B testing, and data analysis, TubShroom’s email campaigns have far exceeded top-level industry performance.

36% Open Rate

19% Conversion Rate

~$15K Monthly Revenue