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    We'll need to have read-only access to your Facebook Ads Manager account. Follow the steps below to provide us with read-only access to your Ads Manager.
    1. Log into your Facebook Business Manager
    2. Click on the Business Settings link on the left-hand menu (alternatively, you can click on the gear icon on the lower left corner of the left-hand menu)
    3. Once in Business Settings, under the menu tab Accounts, click on Ad Accounts
    4. Select your current Ad Account in the second menu column
    5. In the third menu column, click on Assign Partners
    6. Click Business ID in the popup window
    7. Copy and Paste the eCommerceGuy Facebook Partner ID: 1706600566128337
    8. Enable the option for View Performance
    9. Then click Next and finish granting read-only access to your ad account

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