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Unlike other agencies which might offer the same set of services we offer, what sets eCommerceGuy apart from our competition is our transparency and the fact that we treat client stores, goals, and projects as if they were our own.

These are actual clients, with actual results

  • What more can you say from a team that comes in and starts producing results from day one? My results were tripled revenue after the first three months of working together. Daniel and his team are nothing short of spectacular and all-around great people to work with!

    Deana Karim
  • Daniel put in the time to learn our market, our goals, and the campaign itself. I can’t imagine going back and managing that monster all by myself again. Daniel and his team has essentially doubled our conversions while lowering our cost per acquisition. Hiring Daniel also freed up a lot of time to focus on creating new products and SKUs!

    Daniel is truly a great guy to work with. Most firms I work with are 100% business. Daniel knows what he’s doing with PPC, but also truly cares about people, whether it be his employees or clients, and our mission.

    Solyman Najimi
  • As the creator of a product I have been faced with the unique challenge of getting people to understand the value of my invention and to ultimately convince them of making a purchase. Somehow Daniel and the eCommerceGuy team were able to, as if magically, make sales appear. What I’ve tried to do over the course of three-and-a-half years, Daniel was able to accomplish within four months.

    Jeri Masterson

How can we help grow your eCommerce store?

Looking at all of the services offered might be a little overwhelming; we completely understand. Let’s jump on a quick 30 minute call to chat about your challenges and unrealized goals. We will never recommend a service which won’t best suit your needs to help you grow.

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